project co.working House rules

Use of the space and meeting room

Booking desk space is mandatory; all bookings must be made with a minimum of 12 hours notice. Hotdesking operates on a first come first served basis, we do not reserve desks.

Dedicated desks are signed over to the co-worker for a minimum of one month.
Any desk marked as dedicated may not be used by anyone other than the person who has hired it, even if it looks unused. If you hire a dedicated desk and wish for someone else to use it please email your permission as well as the details of who will be using the desk in your stead to

The meeting room and board room must be booked with a minimum of 24hours notice, either in person or via email.

We ask our co-workers to help us keep Project CoWorking clean, tidy and secure. This includes clearing used crockery from desks, keeping the tea station clean, mopping up any spillages and making sure windows and doors are closed at the end of the day.


There is a full-time member of staff who manages Project Co-Working, she is helped by team members from The Lookout Cafe and The Project Climbing Centre. 

Staff members are in charge of answering the phone and receiving the post. They are not employed as a member PA or as a cleaner.

Staff monitor bookings and reserve final veto on who may use Project CoWorking.

Use of the other businesses on-site

Entry to The Project Climbing Centre hall is not permitted unless you are a registered member of The Project Climbing Centre and have paid entry for that day. Please note that Project Co-Working is a separate business and hiring desk space does not grant you access to the bouldering facility or any other business onsite, with the exception of The Lookout Cafe.

The lookout cafe

As a user of Project Co-Working you are entitled to 10% off in the cafe; this is limited to the days that you are paying for the use of Project Co-Working. The café opens at 12pm on weekdays and 10am at weekends, please do not enter it before this time except by prior arrangement.

Co-workers are encouraged to communicate via email to 


A printer is provided which prints from PCs, Macs and Chromebooks. Members will be assisted with set up for a single device. Fair use is determined as less than 5 B&W and 1 colour A4 prints per user, per day. Prints thereafter are charged at 5p/B&W and 10p/colour.

We do have an A3 printer; printing with this printer is not included in standard pricing. Prints cost 10p/B&W and 20p/colour. To use it please contact us first on
We do not provide technical or IT services.

Printing and fair use policy



We provide a fast internet connection for all members. Performance may vary according to where the member is sitting, the number of other people using the space at the same time and the member’s machine. Project Co-Working is a workspace first and foremost, as such the network is not designed for streaming media/TV. That said, please report any internet speed issues if they ever do occur and we will try our best to remedy the situation as fast as possible.

Available space

Work spaces are clearly distinguishable. Please do not take up more than one space.

Members must be checked in at all times they are in the space, and may not leave their belongings on desks if they check out during the day.


We do not allow children or infants within the Project Co-Working office unless part of pre-booked room hire/events, however we would like to be flexible in the event of an emergency. This isn’t guaranteed and cannot be used regularly but we will do what we can for our members in unforeseen circumstances. Please understand that if you bring your child in to sit with you, this will cause complaints both from members who do not want children in the space, and upset those who have invested in childcare as per the agreed rules.

Shared facilities

Fridge space is provided for members. We do not have enough space for bulk purchases, weekly shops or large items so please use it fairly and responsibly. The fridge will be cleared out weekly on a Monday morning at 10am.

Out of hours access

Project Co-Working is open from 9am-10pm Monday-Friday and 10am-8pm Saturday & Sunday. No access will be granted outside of these times.

If you are the last to leave please ensure all windows are closed, the heaters and lights are off and the main door is shut behind you.

Guests and Visitors

If you are expecting a guest or would like to bring a someone into Project Co-Working please notify staff beforehand and sign them in on arrival. It is your responsibility to meet them in the reception of The Project Climbing Centre and escort them throughout their stay. Visitors are subject to the same code of conduct and usage policies as everyone else.


Project Co-Working has its own insurance related to public liability and assets which are owned by the company, The Midwinter Gift Company. Members are responsible for their own insurance requirements and should check their coverage, particularly for item lost or damaged.

The Midwinter Gift Company

The Midwinter Gift Company rents the space that is Project Co-Working; Project Co-Working is a trading name of The Midwinter Gift Company. The Midwinter Gift Company is a private limited company registered in England, no. 10397959. Registered address is The Project Climbing Centre, Poole, BH15 1UD.

There is a CrossFit ‘box’ (gym) above Project Co.Working. They will drop weights from 6am - 9am and 6pm -9pm; and it does sound like the ceiling will collapse. We apologies for any inconvenience caused but do not offer discounts or refunds during these times.

Cross fit